desperately looking for a nice wool sweater...

  1. THis is for my brother...he is a very picky guy. All he wants for this X'mas is a 100% wool crew neck sweater. I have looked everywhere, but no luck (Nordies, Macys, NM, Bananan Rep, Gap, J Crew). Any other suggestion?:confused1:
  2. I just looked on Jcrew and they have some nice merino and lambswool sweaters. Some are even on sale.
    I hope you find the one he wants. Maybe he shops somewhere in particular and has his eye on a certain sweater-- ask him for hints!
  3. Macy's having a sale in the men's department. 40% off most European and American designer brands, and 30% off Hugo Boss. My bf and I pre-saled last week but the actual sale is going on now. I'm sure you can find lots of great 100% wool sweaters. I've seen a ton of Theory, Boss, Ted Baker, DKNY, and John Varvatos.
  4. Thanks cfred, and bubbleloba! I will ck out those 2 again. My little brother (who is only a year older), is the worst when it comes to gift. He is very down to earth when it comes to clothes. He already stated that he only wants 100% WOOL, which is not the soft lambwool or the luxury cashmere. He wants the thick, rough, but warm wool material. I stopped by Timberland today, and no luck. I did manage to find some sweaters that have some virgin wool there, but the style is not what he would wear.
    I would never think that it is that diffcult to find a crew neck 100% wool sweater. I think it is those virgin wool that he has in mind.

    cfred, thanks for bringing up the point that he might have seem his dream sweater in certain store...will give him a ring on that!
  5. Have you tried You should find more selection online. I just got their catalog in the mail and I marked so many things "to buy" if I could just find a discount/deal........
  6. Have you looked at LL Bean? They have Merino wool, shetland wool, and some that just say "wool". Also try Land's End or Eddie Bauer. Or even a place like
  7. Another vote for JCrew, but maybe you could try Brooks Brothers ?

    mockinglee, I love Pushing Daisies!
  8. Try

    I think they do a lot of that type of wool.
  9. Thanks for all your suggestions, my mission is solved!:yahoo: I found a Pendleton store and got a 100% virgin wool sweater(crew neck) for my brother. I am soooo happy today!
  10. Good for you! There's nothing like ending the search with the perfect item. I'm sure he'll love it!
  11. Try Brooks Brothers. Sounds like a classic enough piece that they'd carry it. Good luck!