DESPERATELY Looking for a Lambskin Mini in Red! Please help!

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  1. Hello, I am desperately looking for lambskin red mini with gold hardware. Has anyone seen it? It doesn't have to be brand new....resell is fine too. Also, I'm just wondering if this is a color that the stores even still carries. TIA!
  2. I dont know.... can you call the Chanel 800 # in the US?
  3. #3 Feb 5, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2010
    There's a red lambskin with shw that's released for 2010 C collection.
    And there's a red lambskin with ghw that's released for the 2010 valentines collection, however, the size is smaller than the original mini, which looks like a mini east/west. (You can see pics on the Chanel official website)

    If you want a red lambskin with ghw and in the regular size... I guess you'll have to search on *bay or other reselling sites. But I've never seen one on *bay so far, I've only seen some in a different shape than the current one, and red jersey ghw. There's also one in red patent ghw if you're interested. But these are all in a different shape compare to the vintage or current mini.

    Red lambskin ghw, different shape ---

    Red patent ghw, same shape, but bijoux chain ---

  4. regular red lambskin mini with silver hW found at SAKS at Somerset Collection in Troy Michigan just last weekend. Goodluck! It was $19XX.
  5. try them they nave new and used Chanel