DESPERATELY looking for a green MBMJ bag!

  1. Hi, everybody!

    It seems to me that green is not the season colour! Am I wrong?

    I'm looking for a MBMJ bag in green, but I can'f find it anywhere!

    Does anybody here could help me with my search?

  2. Yes! I saw this one checking Zappos ... but, unfortunately, Zappos doesn't ship internationaly!!! And I live in Brazil!!!

    If I could shop there, I'd certainly buy it! :sad:
  3. Any other green bag being sold???
  4. there are new colors being released for spring soon and green is one of them. the color is grass and it's a delicious bright green. perhaps you should hold out until then?
  5. Yes ... I've checked this colour ... Marc Jacobs site ... .

    I saw there a bag called Dylan ... in grass colour ... perfect!

    And also grass Faridah ... perfect, too!

    I hope sites which ship internationally have MBMJ bags in grass to sell!
  6. I'm anxious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!