DESPERATELY looking for a Cerises Pochette Cles!!

  1. I've suddenly been obsessed about the cerises pochette cles - am having sleepless nights over it!! :blink:

    I saw one on ebay today, but wasn't sure whether it was 100% authentic, so with a heavy heart, I let it go. :sad:

    If anyone comes across any for sale anywhere on ebay or anywhere else at a reasonable price, pleeeeaaaassseeee let me know? :noworry:

    Thank you sooo much in advance!! :flowers:
  2. hi cristina,

    so am i! i just asked the seller some questions... :smile:
  3. Aren't we all looking for one? I love it! Need it!
  4. i'm *fanatic* about it!!! :love: :love: :love: *ARGH*
  5. I have a cerises cles. i just bought a balenciaga so am selling a couple LVs.
  6. Ooops, no selling on tPF or via Pm
  7. uh-oh! PF bidding war! lol