Desperately looking for a capri in London

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  1. Hello!
    I have been reading the 2009 Bottega Veneta sale thread and just realised that BV sale started already in May and all the good bags were gone!

    But most of the info seems to be from USA and couldn't find much info about the BV sale in London.

    Could someone tell me if I can still find a capri (which is being discontinued, I read) 50% off in London?? I really like the style and I read on the thread that the capri was indeed included in the 50% off sale...

    I saw one in red on Net-a-porter (30% off) and one in black at Harrods (not for sale) but I would like to know if I have any slightest chance to get it on sale, preferably in black or brown.

    Any information would be greatly appreciated!!!
  2. I'm looking for a large capri too!

    I was late to the sale and only found the small capri. As its being discontinued, I decided to get it as I like the style so much! It is small but handy for running around with my wallet, phone and keys.

    I'm still looking for the large capri as an everyday bag!
  3. I read here somewhere that someone got it from a dept store for 60% off...a wk or so ago...

    My best bet is to ck with the personal shopper(which i doubt there are any left), bay, and any other reliable sources. Or possibly wait for it to turn up in the outlet??!!??
  4. I found a black one for 60% off at Bergdorfs two weeks ago, but it was a total fluke.
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    Last edited: Jul 22, 2009
    Thanks everyone for your kind comments.

    Fantastic news!!!

    I found a large black capri!!!!
    I just rang the bond street BV shop and a very kind SA just checked on the system for me and surprise, surprise, there was one left in Madrid!!!!! 50% off!!
    They have sent it out today and the good thing was they didn't even charge me delivery cost. Isn't that fantastic!?

    The system said that there is one in Ebano (my 1st choice) left in St. Moritz so I gave them a call but apparently it was on hold so couldn't get it, ,, but never mind. At least I have got a black one.

    And another good thing is,,, I managed to find a mini capri in Ebano at Bond Street, too! It was in the warehouse and apprently they just forgot to send it back to Italy (they didn't even know that they had it).

    I was expecting to pay the full price for a large capri, because I knew there was one in nero in Harrods (not on sale - actually the SA even didn't know that the model is now being discontinued,,,) so getting two bags with less money than I was prepared to pay is just wonderful!!

    For your info, it was 990 euros (the SA in the Bond Street told me it was 825 pounds when it was on sale in London). Funnily enough it is cheaper to buy Bottega Veneta bags in UK than in the Continental Europe. Hope that is gonna be the case for the next season as well!

    So don't give up, sunflower808.
    I know there are no more large capris in Ebano in Europe but I think there might be another one left in black either in Munich or Madrid, if you are interested.
    Just ring up the Bond Street or Sloane Street (they were both very helpful) and ask! :smile:
  6. Congrats taichipanda on finding your capris! Can't wait for the pics!

    I've just returned from a trip. Will pursue the leads you gave. Thanks so much for your hard work!
  7. Does anyone know if there are any black or gray large capri's available in the US? I would LOOOOOOVE to get one.