Desperately looking for a Black Vintage Jumbo XL

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  1. Ladies... I have been looking for one for what seems like forever... I see that the price has gone up with the release of the Maxi and now with the price increase I may be doomed. I wanted to stay under 2k but not sure if its possible or where to find!

    Thanks in advance!
  2. I guess it depends on the condition of the bag. If you want something in excellent or mint condition, then you are definately going to have to spend more than 2k. If you don't mind hardware that is a bit worn or scratched, perhaps scuffed corners or lambskin that has some scratches, then you should be able to still find something under 2k. Do a search of this forum and you can find loads of threads that provide info on reputable sellers of previously owned and vintage Chanel.

    Remember, the vintage XL Jumbo is a previously owned bag that was manufactured in the 1990's and then discontinued. It was only made in lambskin leather.
    The Maxi is the current version of the same bag that Chanel is making again due to the demand for the vintage XL Jumbo size. It is available in both caviar and lambskin leathers.
    Prices for the vintage XL Jumbo run about half that of the Maxi. Again it depends on condition though.
  3. Cyndee thanks! Yeah I have been doing my research on it since I knew that's what I wanted but that's for giving me a little background! I do need to look into the reputable sellers thanks
  4. ^ That patent bag being offered by *patina* is a Jumbo, not an XL Jumbo.
    A Jumbo measures 12 X 8.5 X 3 inches
    The XL Jumbo measures 13.5 X 9 X 4 inches
  5. i just bought mine from ebay... spent almost US2600... for one in good condition. well the prices keep going up and i just cant resist it anymore