Desperately looking for a Balenciaga Day ;__;

  1. Hi everybody!
    I am desperately looking for a 'Day', in red or 'bleu France' (the black one is gorgeous too, but I already have a City and a Besace in black), but it seems this bag is nowhere to be found :crybaby: I live in Italy, I have checked some shops that sell Balenciaga bags in Padua, in Verona, in Vicenza, even in Rome! They have all told me they have the 'Giant Day', but I am looking for the classic 'Day', with the brass (or silver) hardware. I have just written an email to Luisaviaroma customer service, I wish they could help me out!
    What are your suggestions? What should I do? I think I'll wait for a reply from LVR, then I will try to contact the Balenciaga shop in Paris, I REALLY hope they can tell more about the availability of this bag.
  2. There are French Blue reg. hardware Days at Neiman Marcus still. Do you know if they will ship it internationally? If you call Amanda at the NM in Orlando, she will locate which store has it for you. Good luck!
  3. the tomato color just came out, that's definitely red. there's also ocean and marine in the current 07 color collection. there might even be some rouge vermillion from the spring colors. might have some as well. every once in a while they pop up on eBay too. that might be your best bet if all else fails :tup:
  4. I saw a french blue day in NM in Palm Beach today. Ask for Dana...
  5. Thanks, Swissflower! The colour is gorgeous but I don't like the giant hardware :sad: I have checked Styledrops out: there are some Day bags for sale, not in the colours I like, but I could finally decide to buy it black; at the same time, I'm keeping an eye also on the selection on Diabro. In the next few days I'll hopefully decide what to do.
  6. Hi Superqueen I'm from Italy too
    In modena you can find Bal Bag in a Store call Montorsi.
    You can give them a call to check if it's available.
    The number is 059 243120
  7. @Jurza: OMG!!! I thank you a ton :smile: I've just called and they have some 'Day' bags left!!!! The colours they have are white, green, truffle and dark brown, no red or blue France. Anyway, I think I'll buy the dark brown one. I'm not sure about the truffle, and I don't like the white. I love love love the green but it's not an everyday colour, so I prefer playing safe and picking up a 'classic' one.
    @Nicole2730: I have contacted Styledrops and they unfortunately do not ship to Italy, even if they're based in Italy :sad:
  8. Superqueen, good luck with your search for the perfect Day bag. You're bound to find the blue or red that you want!
  9. Superqueen, you can try also Leam in Rome
    06 77207204.
    I don't know if they have Bbags yet, but i'm quite sure they were selling Balenciags, a few time ago.
    You can try also to call Nm, cause the onlineNm ships internationally so maybe shops do it too
  10. @Phebe: well, this purchase has been a sort of odyssey for me. Last Saturday I called Leam and Gente in Rome (they only have Giant bags in store, no Days to be found), Al Duca d'Aosta in Padua and in Verona (nothing), Gaudenzi in Cattolica (a friend of mine saw them in that shop some months ago)....and nothing :sad: I also called the customer service of Styledrops (based near Turin) because they have some for sale, but they do not sell goods in Italy, they only export them (that's absurd, imho). At last, this afternoon I came here and I found the message of Jurza. I immediately called the shop in Modena; they had some Days in store, not blue nor red, but I decided to buy the Chocolate one. I have already paid for it, so I really hope it'll be here at home with me as soon as possible :yahoo: I'm soooo happy about this purchase.
    Anyway, I've read the post about the Balenciaga store in Milan and I'm looking forward to visiting it. No more Balenciaga bags for me (I already have two, the Day is on her way), but I am coveting a clutch or a mini pouch :heart:
  11. Hi superqueen,

    Let me know if they still have a daybag in
    blue glacier the lighter bluecolor with giant...
    I would call them if they do.
    Thanks....wish I was in Italy....;)
  12. Neiman Marcus in san francisco has a tomato day...