Desperately! help me for a 40+birkin! come inside!

  1. Hello guys
    I am a serious LV collector but I have everything that I want :smile: Strange I know...
    I would like to have a birkin 40 or a hac, both for travel use since I'm a guy, or the hac for business.

    I don't have a clue about the price?? I live in Belgium (EURO!! €)
    So please, help me, I don't like going to the store to see an expensive bag and standing there like **** when it's too much for me. I know it's very much but I don't wanna be suprised...

    I would like a gold-coloured bag with palladium finishings...
    thx guys
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  2. I think the Birkin 40 my DH saw in NY last month was around $8K in USD so it should be a little less in Euros (hopefully).
  3. South Coast Plaza Hermes had a white 40cm Birkin for $8100 USD last week
  4. finally- someone cursed!! haha i was starting to think it wasn't allowed on the forum. :roflmfao::roflmfao:

    to get back to your question- the ladies above me have given you the right information. compared to resellers, the retail price of any Hermes piece is CHEAP! so start looking on Ebay and i guarantee you you will never be surprised or feeling ****ty at Hermes! :graucho:
  5. Hermes is a little bit cheaper in Europe. I saw a 40cm Birkin in Amsterdam a few months ago that was about 6,000 Euro, which I think is about $7500, but I'm awful at math so I could be wrong. I also saw one at the store in Brussels a few months ago. I don't remember exactly how much it was, but I think it was about the same price. Everytime I've gone into the Brussels store, they have always had at least one Birkin. So, if you are serious, I would try there.
  6. Think the price of a 40 cm is about US$8000 plus or minus.

    My SA was telling me that the demand for 40 cm is growing (used to be that they don't normally have a waitlist for 40cm and you would be able to see one on the shelves). She also said that more and more people (including more men!) are using the 40cm as a daily tote.
  7. They had a Black 40 in Togo in Amsterdam on Saturday - not sure of the price though. Good luck!
  8. Birkin 40 in taurillon clemence was 5.400EUR
    HAC 36:5.000
    HAC next size: 5.500