Desperate to find this bag.....Please help!

  1. Okay - I just purchased a pair of Michael Kors pumps. I fell in love with them the minute I saw them. Now I need to find a bag to go with them and I think that a 2006 Cognac Twiggy or City would be perfect. (Maybe even a 2005 Caramel, but I figured this one would be harder to get) Does anyone know if BalNY can get hold of older bags? And do they answer emails (what is the email address to use?) regarding this or is it better to call? Or any other ideas of where I might be able to locate one of these? Thanks.
  2. It's much better to call BalNY. Isn't that color pretty close to the 2007 truffle? If so, that would probably be easier to find.

    Post a pic of your pumps ... that would help! :yes:
  3. The get an older stock in 2005 Caramel, I doubt that Bal NY still have it. Your best chance is eBay or other reputable consignment store listed as authorized Bbags stores. However, has Work in 2006 Cognag. You can call Bal NY or email them at (make sure you put attention to your SA). Good luck !!