Desperate Shoe Search :[

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  1. Can anyone help me find some brown heels? Nobody ever makes just your normal classic heels anymore :[

    I'm going for that "professional yet sexy" look. 2-3" heel. Size 5-5.5. No open toe/open back. Pointy, preferably with buckles at the tip like so --


    Been looking for this for a couple months now :[ But they either don't have my size or no buckles or short heel or some crazy design. . .
  2. prada has some nice ones. so does blahnik
  3. If you don't want designer, J Crew makes a pretty pair called the Fulham. They make them in a nice brown color called Espresso. Also, check Nine West the have lots of pointy toe heels.
  4. Try Franco Sarto too.
  5. Ladies --
    Thank you! I never would've thought of those on my own, nice.
  6. I can't find any with buckles to save my life! So I'm just going to go with your classic heel. How do these look?
    Nine West. 2 & 1/4" heel.

    [edit] They dont have my size :[
  7. i saw a brown pairs of those (pointy plus buckles) at zara.. they are beautiful
  8. Is that a store or website? Or both lol I'm searching right now and cant find it :/
  9. Either call the store nearest you or visit in person. Nine West is pretty awesome about calling other stores to hunt for your shoe size and then shipping your shoe to you. I've done it twice before.
  10. Thank you for the tip! That would make things so much easier for me.

    About to order these black heels (, theyre not brown like I wanted but they've got the buckle-like design I wanted on the tip and theyre professional/sexy. Plus it's all I could find online :/ What do you think?


    They're about $70 after S&H.

    [edit] Foiled again! I dont think they ship here :[