Desperate Search for Ankle Flap

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  1. I know I am way behind the Ankle Flap time but I know it was price reduced in the factory outlets as well as on sale in various departmental store. Please let me know if your SA still have it, I am in desperate search for it. I could not justify the high price reseller are quoting on eBay but I love it. Hopefully our lovely PFers here can show me some magic and do wonders for me please... I am fine with any colors.

    Do PM me if your SA has it, can shipped internationally as well as the price.
    Would prefer stores that can accept VISA/Mastercard as I do not own American Express.

    Thanks a million ladies.
  2. I saw is selling the red one. It's on discount.
  3. That's too expensive. They are selling it at the Chanel outlet for less than half the price. Anyways, dinitegrity sorry I don't know about the ankle bags. Too bad the Chanel outlet can't ship at all because they were selling it for very cheap there.
  4. I was going to say bluefly too, but its $$$..... and I see them at the outlet everytime I go, but yes, they do not take phone orders ... sorry, not much help
  5. Thanks ladies.. Appreciate your help, i'm still finding... Gosh..
  6. I saw two of them at N.M. Last Call not too long ago. They had it in Gold, and the other was the Red Patent Leather. I think the Gold one may have been sold, but call the store and see if the Red is still there. If not, ask the SA in the Purse Dept. if they can check their computer, and find out which store still has one. Here's the Phone #

    N.M. Last Call at Sawgrass Mills.....Ft. Lauderdale......1-954-846-9777 Good Luck!
  7. The lowest price I saw from Ebay was around 350. I got one in red patent. It's really pretty. Didn't know where to and how to use it yet. Good luck on your search.
  8. Thanks Tillie, but I do not own a Amex, hence NM is kinda out for me. Is there email address that I can try getting her?

    Shopdrop, I found lots at ebay at ridiculous outrageous price. I would rather say no.. LOL.. Resellers!! Arrgh...
  9. ^purchase virtual gift cards on NM online site w/ your int'l card, then use them to phone-in order :graucho:
  10. Is hard for me to phone in order due to our time-difference. Would very much prefer a active email SA user and able to accept MC/Visa. Thanks for your info.. ;)
  11. Op, may be you've already know this. You can buy gift card from NM online by Visa then you can use it at NM store.
  12. Do you remember the price?
  13. There was a red one at the N.M. Last call store listed above, yesterday. Use the above phone # and ask for Kevin in the jewelry & purse dept. It's about $600. Good luck!:heart:
  14. I also saw one at the NM Last Call at the Block in Orange County, California.