Desperate Plea for Pewter B-bag!

  1. Hello all. As most of you already know, I have been trying to find a metallic b-bag for what seems like a REALLY long time now...I am looking for a pewter First or City. I have given up on the bronze, after being screwed over by Cricket UK (but not before I had to pay conversion fees from my bank!) and then finding out that they sold the bag I purchased to someone else a day AFTER I paid for it (luckily, another PF member got it, so at least we know it has a good home!). I think the pewter color will work better for me.

    Bottom line: I am dying for a pewter b-bag, so if you have one or see one, PLEASE let me know. I will give it a good home!
  2. I think my friend wants to sell her pewter city, i'll ask her and i'll get back to you;)
  3. AmourN20 to the rescue lol!! ETenebris hope you find one! Will keep my eyes open for you!
  4. good luck on your search!!! :smile:
  5. Thanks everyone! Fingers crossed!
  6. Hey! did you see the bronze city on ebay?? :smile:
  7. haha... you are kidding, right?? :suspiciou
  8. I've seen a pewter bag now and then on ebay. I think you'll have luck on this one. Good luck ET! ;)
  9. AH, I just checked again, its gone:sad:
  10. Amour has b-bag connection lol!!!! Good luck ET!!