Desperate Need Of Fendi Bag!!!!!!!

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  1. I am searching for a cute Fendi bag, someting on the order of .....I guess it's called the zucca (the one with the flap) can anyone:wacko: give me any suggestions or send some pics, or sites on where I can go to purchase one?
  2. Check out Bloomingdales, Neimans, Bergdorf websites. The little Zucca bags are in a good price range.
  3. Bluefly often has some too and they're marked down a little. Also, if you use the code "FASHION65" and you're a new customer to Bluefly, you get a % off of a $100/more purchase. Look at my post on "Deals & Steals"--I can't remember the exact details....
  4. Thanks!