Desperate need of advise

  1. Hey All! My name is Janice and I am New to TPF!
    So i wanted to get your advise on what to buy next
    I just got a silver Miroir Lockit and really want another bag! I'm really torn between the Neverfull GM Or a Beverly MM I
    :sos: Which should i get first?
  2. okay, let's all have a cup of coffee together, and tell us about your, job? traveler?
    do you carry lots of stuff?
    then can make a recommendation!
    welcome to the world of LV !
  3. Hi welcome! I vote for the Beverly. Its a great bag, and I personally don't care for the neverfull line.
  4. Thanks!
    Well I am from Albuquerque, New mexico. I am 23 and a student trying to earn my degree in psychology. I am not married and do not have kids. But i am a shopaholic!!
    I haven't really traveled much but i do like to go to las vegas and los angeles on vacation
    LV is my greatest weakness!!:graucho: I don't have a big collection of stuff i only carry my wallet, keys, and sidekick!
  5. Beverly for sure...I just returned a neverfull for the Beverly MM and am so glad that I did!
  6. beverly MM in this case....i think the neverfull GM is too big for u!
  7. I vote for the Beverly
  8. welcome to tPF and for introducing yourself! from what you mentioned, i think the beverly mm will be a great bag for you. it can be casual and dressy as needed. the neverfull may be too big for you if you don't haul around much stuff. good luck and don't forget to show us what you got!
  9. Welcome! I'm 21 and also getting my degree in psychology. I would choose the beverly instead of the neverfull, just my style I guess. You should post pics of your collection and post it in the bag showcase forum! We'd love to see:drool:
  10. Welcome and thank you for introducing yourself~ I say beverly as well. Hot and very functional. Either way good luck with which ever you choose:okay:
  11. hi welcome to tPF!!
    beverly gets my vote~
  12. Between the 2 options, I think the Beverly is a bag you can dress up or down. Good luck, and welcome to the obsession....
  13. Thanks Guys!
    I was leaning towards the Neverfull because i thought it was a nice everyday bag and its resonably priced
    but I think I will splurge go for the Beverly
    it is such an elegant bag.:okay:
  14. The Neverfull price u can't beat! I luv my neverfull MM!
  15. I think the neverfull GM would be too big for u since u don't carry much. in that case, go for the beverly!