Desperate Need of a Wallet - Pomme, Epi, Azur, or Groom???

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Which wallet to get?

  1. Pomme French Purse

  2. Pomme Pochette Wallet

  3. Epi French Purse

  4. Azur French Purse

  5. Groom Pochette Wallet

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Hi Everyone,

    I am in desperate need of a new wallet. (I have been using the same DKNY wallet that I got about 8 years ago, and the poor thing is truly starting to fall apart.)

    I really need help choosing both a style and a line. Originally I was thinking either the Epi or Azur (Epi because it is such a classic, and Azur because it costs less.) But then I saw the Pomme...and although I'm not normally a fan of reds - O..M..G.. it is BEAUTIFUL. And then there's the Groom - cute and would match the Groom cles that just "followed" me home.

    The two styles I am debating over is the french purse and the pochette porte-monnaie cartes de credit (pochette wallet). I have always found the french purse style extremely pretty and classy looking; but I am a little worried about the button tab bending weird/warping after time. The pochette porte-monnaie most resembles the layout of my current wallet (which I have gotten quite use to); but it seems pretty darn big compared to the french purse.

    Which line and style should I go for? :confused1: I'm sooooo confused.....

    (Oh and I don't know if this should be factored into the decision, but I am SOOOOOOOO tempted to get the Pomme french purse right now - it is SOOOOOOOOOO gorgeous! :wtf: But it doesn't help that it's the most expensive one out of what I'm considering. But do you think the Pomme french purse can be considered a classic and last a really long time, and match items in the other lines?)

    Sorry for the crazy rambling....... :sad:
  2. If you can afford both then get them both. I personally prefer the Epi line because it's so classic and so durable.
    The pochette wallet definitely fits more than the french wallet. The french only has 4 cc slots where as the Pochette Wallet has 7. I personally perfer the Pochette Wallet.
  3. It sounds like you've really fallen hard for the pomme so I'd have to go with that- I love the groom as well but I don't think it would look so great in another 8 years :push:
  4. I personally would go with pomme. I got the pomme koala. Red will go with neutral colors. My philosophy is that if for some reason I find it won't go with things I will wind up buying another one for matching purposes. Plus you seem to really be fascinated with the pomme french purse. If you love that one in person I would go with it.
  5. pomme! love it!
  6. Pomme Pochette Wallet!
  7. this isn't on the poll but what about those new eugiene (sp?) wallets?! i think they are TDF!!~ :drools:
  8. I vote for the pomme french purse! I have Pomme koala and I love it! Pomme truly goes with everything, and it gets tons of compliments! Keep in mind that the pomme french purse has only 4 cc slots, but other lines like Azur have 8. So if storage is an issue, you might want to go for the pochette wallet, or Epi/Azur french purse.
  9. You're soooooo right! Those are gorgeous! You should look at them before you decide!:yes:
  10. Pomme Pochette Wallet!
  11. POMME+1!! Vernis is really not that fragile, and the color is just :drool: :yes:
  12. Pomme Pochette!
  13. eugene wallet in epi, if not then go for pomme pochette wallet or pomme french purse
  14. i'd go for french pomme for exact same reasons u mentioned.. its a lovely color indeed! and i must say french wallet is sO:huh::huh: ladiesh and feminine.. the perfect combination for the perfect wallet! :yes:
  15. I have and love the groom pochette wallet!!!