Desperate HOUSEWIVES wardrobe

  1. What designer skirt suit was edie wearing on sunday's desperate housewives it was white with black lace?
  2. It is a Trina Turk. Came out in their Holiday 05 Collection.
  3. Where can I find the grey, dark blue, and black polka dot top seen on Lynette during the desperate housewives episode, "Me and my town" that aired 11/30?
  4. What designer diamond emroireded dark blue hoody was edie wearing in series 5 episod 15?
  5. The scene where Bree is picking up Orson from the hospital (post-robbery).

    Anyone know which designer light pink/peach Bree's dress is from? I LOVE it.
  6. When Susan is packing for her trip with Mike she has a large pink purse on the bed. I am a new member here so I can't post a new thread so I am hoping this will work. Does anyone know what designer it was?