Desperate Housewives letdown.

  1. ** In this post I am going to discuss last nights episode and what I think a big "twist" will be. Just a warning **

    Am I the only one who is really let down this year? While no season has been as good as the first .... this one is just annoying. Instead of the characters evolving AT ALL they just seem to be getting more and more predictable and unrealistic. At some point the craziness becomes predictable. Who didn't expect Bree to break into the new neighbors house and find out something more than a recipe??

    And what is up with PREGNANT Susan grabbing a drink from her daughter thinking it was alcohol and drinking it to prove her daughter was lying about what was in it. She is pregnant!!! Her daughter is at some "out of control party" and Susan is just grabbing drinks with God knows what kind of drug in it!!?? I know her character is dingy but she is not going to do that.

    And I can just see Bree's daughter having a bi-racial baby. I hope they give me a better twist than that. but I think that is coming and I will be let down if that's it. Because it is too predictable.

  2. i agree with you 100%...and Edie is beginning to get on my nerves...I loved her character when she used men, and seemed independent...but this whole needy woman things is total crap....i knew she was sneaky but this thing with carlos isnt fun to watch... i have a feeling it has nothing to do with love and its about his money... i guess we'll see...this show seemed so promising in its 1st season...but like many shows of its kind the writers& producers get so excited about its success that they give the audience too much too fast.... grey's anatomy is beginning to make the same turn..its getting hard to remain interested
  3. I completely agree with you. I still love the show at first, but it's not on par as the first season.
  4. I agree. I quit watching after the first season because it just got stupid. I decided to give it another go this season, but mostly just because there's nothing else on and I hate being the only one not watching. I really think it is much overrated.
  5. I have a random question....does anyone know the designer of the dress eva longoria was wearing at the charades party in this past week's episode?...I am in love with it!
  6. I totally agree with you. Edie is annoying and the twists are getting a little predictable. I never thought about the Susan drinking while pregnant thing. That's not a good role model for young girls...
  7. I actually like it...first season was good but last season stunk IMO. I like this season better.
  8. OHMYGOD U HAVE GREAT TASTE! i was going crazy during the commercial breaks googling trying to find her dress to no luck!! she looked sooooooo gorgeous in it! and guess what i found yesterday while browsing NM?!

  9. i haven't seen the new episode yet but i tell u that i'm started to get sick with susan. her so cute and clumsiness act combined with her luck with cute men doesn't work for me anymore.
  10. Wow, I totally disagree. I really love this season as much as the first. I love Bree and Orson, think the new neighbor mystery is definitely working, think Carlos going after Edie is pretty funny and the new neighbors they introduced last week could be entertaining - "I hope we can live up to your stereotype". Sort of a bummer that everyone is not liking it as much as I am. I abandoned Grey's because it was getting too ridiculous, Lost is months away and besides The Office and Gossip Girl, DH is one of the few I have left:s