desperate help needed

  1. i just recently got new to me seed pearl double c earrings. not from chanel but a friend. anyway i wore them today for the first time ever. my whole job is on the phone and the backs were bothering my so i took them off. i was going to put them back on and one flipped over and 2 of the pearls fell out. omg! what do i do? i could try and glue it but for some reason when i was trying to put them back in they look bigger or i should say higher than the others.

    help! what can i do? should i bring it to chanel? do they fix those? i am freaking. thanks!
  2. oh i should say please too.
  3. You could take them to Chanel to have them repaired or to a jeweler... it sounds like something very simple to fix, even if its not a do-it-yourself project!
  4. i would do it myself but i think one side of each pearl has glue or something on it which is making them stick out more than the others... kwim? that's why i thought chanel could fix it...
  5. Since you didnt buy from the boutique I dont think they would fix it. But your jeweler can totally fix it.
  6. Why not take them to a jeweler? Sounds like anyone could fix it... just a matter of cleaning off the access glue and using a finer adhesive.
  7. I had that happen to me once with those pearl CC earrings. It was the second time I used them. I returned them, but I did buy them there. BUT, I once bought some ladybug cc earrings and they started to peel, I took them to chanel to see if they could repair them for me. They said they couldnt repair them so they gave me store credit for the full retail value. Maybe I just got lucky but I always find Chanel's customer service and SA's to be the greatest. Take them in for repair. You can say they were a gift.
  8. i am friendly with the SAs at the Saks store. i was thinking of saying they were a gift and maybe getting other earrings while i was there. there's a pair i REALLY want too.

    how much do they charge to repair them?

    you're right, I could just take them to a jewlery store. I just need to make sure they do remove the glue because otherwise it's going to be uneven and upset me.
  9. i am just so upset because i only wore them for like a few hours today and the person i got them from never wore them and the person she got them from wore them a handful of times! and they barely hit my desk. ah. this stuff alweays happens to me.

    thanks for all the advice! :smile:
  10. I would try and return them. If it happened once, its going to happen again. KWIM? Maybe its not a good style. I would think if you are on the phone alot, that style might not be the best style.
  11. yeah but as you said if i didn't get them there i cant return them right? i don't have the box and stuff with me today. i was going to just run there after work. should i wait and go tomorrow after work with the box, etc?
  12. Even if you didn't personally buy them I would take them in to Chanel for either repair or exchange.:yes:
  13. i just called. i started by saying "i got the seed pearl earrings as a gift.." and he goes "DON'T TELL ME...." and then "they fell out right?" i said yes. i think he was shocked that i still have the pearls (which btw i came up wih the best idea for since they're so teeny and i knew i would lose them- i put them on a piece tape! perfection!). anyway he said to bring them in and they will either repair them, replace them (though he doesn't think they have any other pairs around) or give me a credit. sigh. LOVE chanel.
  14. YES--very happy ending--- Chanel rocks!!
  15. Glad to hear it worked out!