desperate help needed! pictures of Tan silverado!!!

  1. I have called and ordered a small tan silverado but I cannot seem to find pictures of the colour. I want to be double sure I like it before they ship it!!

    If anyone has this colour in the silverado please post pictures.

    Is the Silverado tan the same as the Paddington tan?

    It was 30% + 20% at bloomies so it came out to be $775! is that a good deal or can I find better?

    I was looking for a rich tan or whiskey colour like on the paddies!
  2. Sounds like a great deal!!

    But sorry, no pics. Did you check the Ref threads??
  3. I couldn't find anything but paddy tan!
  4. Boy Mona, tan is too obscure in the realm of Chloe descriptions. Can you get the SA to actually read the color off the sales label? Is it an 06 Silverado? Did you look at Diabro's Silverado's?
  5. that exactly my problem...I have seen so many shades of tan.....
    she said it says tan and Diabro doesn't have any tan! and yes it is an 06 silverado!
  6. Nope just went there, nothing remotely appearing to be tan in this Chloe model.

    I guess have the bag shipped, investigate it (after all Silverado's are now a thing of the past) and if it's not to your liking, you can return it?:idea:
  7. I think sometimes the people who write the BF descriptions don't read the tags, they just describe the color using their own words! I recently got a paddy that they called "biscuit"; I knew Chloe never made a paddy in "biscuit" and it looked like gallet to me... and sure enough, it was gallet when it arrived. The tag clearly said gallet.
  8. I'll be looking on eBay, even for my edification. I went through this angst with my pocket paddy.
  9. this one looks like tan to me also.
  10. Would you mind posting a pictue of your tan Silverado for a better reference?
  11. ^^I think that eBay auction is for a "chamois" colored silverado. I used to have one in that color but no longer do... it's a more yellowy-tan if that makes sense... the color of a chamois cloth.
  12. yeah I saw that (don't like at all) and then I see others that look more like whiskey (which is what I want)!

    the problem is that I live in Canada so its much more complicated that just buying and returning of I no likey......there's exchange rates, shipping costs and customs and taxes....
  13. KMSNYC that's the struggle!! arrrrgh? Tan is like Taupe? Too obscure and bi-directional, there's many variances and shades, again.... arrrrgh.:push: