desperate for your help!! please advise - lamore zucca or lamore gioco

  1. Fellow TPFers, I desperately need your opinion in choosing between an lamore gioco and zucca. The print placements on both are fabulous so not a problem there. I keep wavering back and forth because the gioco looks stylish and fun and actually the prettiest in lamore yet the zucca has an almost hobo-ish look when I put my stuff into it which looks good too :smile: - My only concern is the "sagging" problem of the gioco...put anything heavy in there and it'll sag whereas the zucca keeps its shape. Does anyone own both the lamore gioco and zucca? Even if you don't own both, which do you prefer and why? Any thoughts greatly appreciated! Help me pick please!!!
  2. tough decision! but for the gioco, several girls have cut out hard plastic pieces to put along the bottom of their gioco so that it'll maintain its can consider that option =) but yah i really dunno what to tell u...i love my paradiso zucca very much..and i also have a amore gioco which i am in LOVE WITH! and amore is perfect for both keep both! or just get real anal and see which bag has the most perfect print!
  3. I have the Gioco and I am IN LOVE with it! I would save the Zucca for a pattern that has more of a "scene". I think the sagging of the Gioco is actually kind of cute, if it held the shape really well I probably wouldn't like it. That way, people can see the pattern on the bottom of your bag when you carry it :smile:
  4. I have one Gioco and 4 Zuccas. Guess that tells you which style I like best :smile:

    (and I'd love to find a Zucca in Foresta, Citta Rosa and Spiaggia)
  5. you ladies rock. lamore is the first print in which i have both a gioco and a zucca so it's harder for me to decide and i love lamore :heart:...but i have a one print per bag rule and this is why i'm in such an ordeal! *sigh*...i have like three buon viaggios and i recently purchased a mm which i really love cause it's a good enough size. but for the lamore, to me, it looked the best in gioco and zucca haha...
  6. How about which shape would you use more? Is the zucca more practical for what you carry? Or the gioco. Do you carry a lot of flat things (like papers, etc)? The gioco is perfect for my work because I carry my scrubs and everything, but the zucca is better for when I haul around documents.
  7. i love, love, love my lamore zucca. i do normally agree with alatrop about the "scene" but even then, the zucca cuts it with the straps. i think lamore is one print that really looks good on a lot of bags. i guess i'm no real help, but i say zucca!
  8. I love my Zucca, but then I'm biased. I'm a bit put off by the Gioco's duffel bag look. If you're looking for a sporty look, it's probably a good bet. But the Zucca just seems more versatile to me. However, I've heard people talking about the Zucca being hard to find in Amore right now, soooooo if you want instant gratification, you might get a Gioco faster and/or cheaper?
  9. I vote for the Zucca.
  10. i vote gioco, it's my favourite style
  11. idk, i would vote gioco...but i think it's because i dont like how HUGE the Zucca is...
  12. definitely zucca
  13. I also say the zucca! :yes:
  14. Gioco! The zucca is just a simple shaped bag, good for documents though. But gioco can be good for carrying a little to a lot of things. I usually throw in my water bottle, hat, makeup bag, cardigan...lots of room!
  15. Wow I like both styles .. umm I've been using my gioco a lot lately and i really like it so i vote .... gioco!!

    (tho i must admit i haven't used any of my zuccas yet)