desperate for this MbMJ bag! please help!

  1. i've been after this MbMJ bag for the longest time

    Marc by Marc Jacobs - Chalk Stripe Satchel

    sorry i don't have a picture of it but its a longish bag (like the MJ wonder bag) and is denim with blue and white stripes

    i've been searching online and everywhere and always seem to miss out! i've missed out on Zappos 3 times because i wasn't quick enough and someone always buys them before me .. once when i was completing the checkout and was told that it was sold out just when i hit the confirm order button ..

    so after months of searching online and making lots of international calls .. (i'm in Australia btw and no MJ stores here) .. i finally located one! i put the order through with the guy and when i finally received it .. i realised he sent me the wrong bag! :censor:

    so after weeks of anticipation .. eagerly waiting my dream bag .. i opened the box to realise that it's the wrong bag . my heart sank and broke :cry: .. i called up the store and was told that the bag i was after is 'sold out and gone' and when i told him he sent the wrong bag .. he said 'oh you can always return it' ..

    it would cost too much for me to ship it back to the US and and so i'm not stuck with the wrong bag and no dream bag.

    so yes .. that's my heartbreak story of my life ..

    if anyone has seen this bag in a store could you please let me know which store and post their number so i can make a mail order? i would love you forever and ever if someone .. anyone could locate one for me?

    thanks :heart:
  2. Is that the one they had at Zappos? If so, you can set it up where they will email you once the bag comes in...sorry, not much help.
  3. yeah its the one at Zappos .. but they aren't getting anymore in. i've asked and the only time they will is if someone returns it. which is pretty unlikely. :sad:
  4. ive seen a few on ebay every so often...
  5. there are a bunch on ebay right now. i had this bag, but sold it. wish you the best of luck if you haven't found one alreaady
  6. there's a lot on ebay, almost too many... I'm starting to think that some are fakes.