Desperate for this bag!

  1. Ahh i really want this bag (either in black or canvas color) but I heard it was only a limited spring edition. Does this mean i can't get it anywhere? (i don't really trust eBay nor do i see many of them).

    Is there anywhere else i can get this bag? Is it called the weekend hampton bag? i really like it. ANyone else have it?
    112705_coach.jpg 0227_1.jpg
  2. I saw this bag at the Seattle outlets two weeks ago for clearance plus 30% off. Have you checked your local outlet?
  3. there are no coach outlets in Massachusetts and if there are, they're too far away. =(

    Outlets dont deliver right?
  4. No, unfortunately they don't. I would check eBay or check with friends/family who live near an outlet and can ship to you.
  5. This is such a nice bag. Why isn't coach releasing anymore of them?
    Will they release any in the future? =/
  6. There are two outlets that I know of in MA, in Wrentham and Lee. Plus, you can always go up to Kittery, ME, it's not too far. :smile:
  7. You can try eBay and use the PF's authenticate this coach - section. These are older and I don't see them turning up at the outlet now, although the outlet does carry different versions of the hamptons tote each year it seems.

    I saw one on an older sex in the city when Carrie and Sam went to the country and this bag was sitting in the background. I instantly wanted one of course!
  8. I own one of this, in black. Has been my travel/gym bag for 3 years and I LOVE IT. I thought about selling it, but it is still in such good shape, it has been so useful, and cute, that decided to keep it.
    OP hope you can find one. You won't regret buying it. :tup:
  9. What a cute bag. That would be a perfect weekend travel bag. Hope you find it.
  10. Outlets WILL ship, but they will charge you full price for the bag - even if its one sale. So, if you dont mind that, Id get it! You might have trouble finding it though. I remember seeing it at the outlets last summer so its been awhile. Good luck!
  11. I have this Hamptons bag in black... My brother bought it years ago when he used to work for Coach, but never used it and it was just collecting dust in his closet so he gave it to me (along with a bunch of other Coach bags NWT collecting dust!!). It's so huge and perfect as my work bag!! I keep so much stuff in there, lugging it all back and forth from work every day.

    I hope you find one!!
  12. Does anyone know what the number for this bag is?
  13. M04K-1895.
  14. Super cute roomy bag! Looks great for travel! I hope you can find one!!

  15. are you sure that's the style number?
    I thought it had to be something like 12425 or something/.