Desperate for this bag but no time to look for

  1. I'm a student and I work at the same time for finding time to relax is even hard. I know that it's possible to find the large hamptons weekend tote if i look carefully every two weeks on eBay but finding time to search constantly is hard for me. But I really like this bag.

    So here's the deal:
    If you can find me an authentic coach hamptons large weekend tote in canvas material preferable...any color is ok but most tan and black preferred...if i decide to bid on it (most likely will since I really need this bag) then you will get 15% of what I paid on eBay.

    (please message me if you get any links/questions/etc)
  2. I would love to look for you!!! I am ebaying right now. There is no need to pay, I love searching! :yes:
  3. i'm sure someone here will be able to locate it for you

    good luck!!!!:yes::tup:
  4. You can set up searches on eBay. Just give it a description and they will e-mail you when it comes up.