desperate for some bv enabling !!!!

  1. :shrugs: hi, my name is christina. i have posted a previous thread regarding my 1st bv handbag sale. i am going to london in 3 weeks,:yes: and i really need some help. i love the cocker, but is this comfortable to wear on shoulder, also the only colour in europe apparently is the noce with magnolia accents. what do you think?i also love the limo colour, but the only bag they have is the sloane in this colour. i wish i lived in the usa, you all seem as handbag obsessed as i am. not one gets my obsession where i live!!
  2. Welcome Christina! I haven't seen the cocker in person so I can't be of any help. Hopefully one of the other members will chime in with their experience.
    You are in the right place, we are handbag obsessed.
  3. You've come to the right place for enabling!!

    I have the cocker and it is comfortable to wear on the shoulder. Its a bit wide but the leather is so soft it squishes under the arm.

    I'm sure you'll be able to find several stores in London that carry BV.
  4. i love this forum. thanx for taking the time to answer. i am having a magnolia french wallet delivered to me hopefully this week!!;) My hubby says i can have two bags when we go to london. i am so confused. bv bags are all they are sooo expensive:crybaby: i want to make sure i am buying the right thing.
  5. can the cocker be carried on the arm, or handheld aswell, my needs change. if i have the kids in tow (and the dog), i need something that can go on my shoulder. if its just me and hubby (very rare:sweatdrop: ) i like to wear it on my arm.
  6. I have the Cocker in Poudre and love it. It's a roomy and slouchy bag that can be carried over the shoulder as well as on the crook of the arm. My advice is to try out the bag in person, as many has found it quite different from what they imagined from the photos.
  7. gosh, i am soo pleased i someone has responded to me :p . you have no idea how despondent i feel, when i dont have raptures from anybody when i buy a new handbag. everybody who knows me thinks im nuts!!! . luckily my hubby loves me, and knows how to make all the right noises (albeit totally unaware of my wrath if he doesnt)
  8. You're definitely at the right place. We're all 'obsessed' with handbags here. And we're all great enablers too. So, if you have absolutely no will power (from buying more bags than you should), considered yourself be warned. ;)
  9. i have never bougt a bv bag. i cant wait for the feeling of owning one. at the moment i am carrying a karen millen woven chocolate tote and matching clutch. beautiful, but hardly bv
  10. oh, how i would love to live in the same country as you. over here the handbag often seems to be an afterthought. to me, i match my outfits to which bag i want to carry.
  11. I'd imagine you will fall even more in love with BV after seeing and feeling it in persons. It has the softest and most buttery leather ever found on handbags. How exciting for you. London is one my fav cities and I look forward to returning there very soon.
  12. You've def found the right place to feel right at home! We're from all over the world. I am sure there are many like you in England. You may even find them here too.
  13. i know. i have already braced my hubby, and told him i do not want to go to the bv store. (reversed psychology) cause i know i will fall in love with everthing, and i will be sooo:sweatdrop: sad if i cant buy a handbag . i told him it was just tooooo cruel???? hes reassured me, honey if you want something i will get it for you. (makes up for the 14 days of the 28 he is away). does anybody else use these tactics or am i just mercenary.
  14. Haha--we all have our ways:graucho: . If I really admire a handbag when dh is with me and I walk away, usually he'll get it for a present (birthdday or Christmas). He never can figure out what to get me, so when he sees that I love something, he'll figure out it would be a great gift.

    You will feel so special with your BV. My first nice one was a vintage black bag from eBay. I sold it (wish I hadn't). Anyway, I would just rub my fingers on the leather, it was so silky soft. It made me happy just to feel it; imagine how I felt wearing it!!

    I hope you have a super time and enjoy all the lovely bags. Come back and tell us all about your experience.:yahoo:
  15. Good luck with the hunt, you will love your new bag! Agree with the above, you really have to try on to see what you love and don't in person . . . have lots of fun and now you have to post what you get! :smile: