Desperate for small mp!

  1. Ok, I've been wanting to get a small mp but I just don't know in what color. I see this auction on ebay for a small mp in tapioca. It's cute, but I already have that color for my blake. I don't want to have the same color. I've seen two people with this small mp that I don't know what's the color called.

    It's kinda off white/light yellow (I think), the lining is suede, if I'm not mistaken, it has the same color with the leather, and the stitchings are red. It's really pretty and I want that color!

    Any suggestions what is it called and where to find it?
  2. thithi and bag.lover, I think the links you both gave me were MP in oatmeal cause the suede lining is brown. The one that I saw has offwhite/light yellow suede lining and the stitchings are red.

    Agh, I should've asked the person I saw carrying it the name of the color, but I'm just afraid it would be too weird.

  3. Usually the contrast stitching matches the interior of the bag. Are you sure the interior is brown suede? Or perhaps the red stitching is actually brown? I can't figuire it out.
  4. chloe: sorry to interrupt your post. you mentioned you own the tapioca color blake(!!) :smile: if you dont mind me asking how does this color really look in person? Does it really look like a pale yellow bag faraway (kind of like margarine)? or is it more neutral cream (like a very pale off white-beige)? The reason why i am asking is that i've seen some pop at ebay and would love to own a yellow mj. :shame: Do you know more of mj's yellow shades? thank you in advance! i appreciate your input. :flowers:
  5. Chloe I think I've seen that color you're talking about. It's from a couple years ago, there were several colors that came with ruby red accent stitching (I had a pale pink Stella with the same red stitching). If I recall correctly, the color you're referring to is more of a khaki/tan/"natural" than off-white. Unfortunately I don't know the exact color name though, sorry!

    Btw I don't think it would be weird to compliment someone on her bag and ask her about it (assuming at that moment she's not talking on her cell phone, juggling a crying baby, etc). If you spend that kind of $ on a bag you want people to notice, right? :smile:
  6. madie, the tapioca color does look like a margarine color from far away. I think it is a beautiful color. Unfortunately, my blake has been in a dry spell. I haven't got a chance to wear it lately. I'm still preoccupied with my new stam :love:. I think it's a pretty color and it's not too hard to match it with other colors. I hope you will find your perfect yellow MJ!

    balihai88, thank you for your input. I wish someone know the exact name then it would be easier for me to find. Do you think the MJ store will still have it? Or maybe other major dept store like Neiman?

    Next time I see this woman, I will definitely ask her.
  7. Assuming we're talking about the same color, unfortunately it will probably be hard to find new in stores, either at MJ or at a high-end dept store, because it's from several seasons ago. You might get lucky on eBay, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!
  8. Hi Chloe,

    I have a large MP in Ivory. The bag has red stitching (almost a really dark hot pink in the light) and on the inside is a chocolate brown suede. Do you think that's the one?

  9. I LOVE that bag! I don't want creme.bone color though..I just bought one.....#%$^#& it! :heart: Emmy
  10. That's the exact color combo of the Ivory Multipocket I mentioned.....
  11. Hmm....maybe it is Ivory with red stitching, then why I saw inside her bag was creme suede linings? Unless if I was mistaken :shrugs:
  12. Hi chloe.clementine..I was desparate for a samll mp too..I wanted black w/ silver hardware....I posted here and all the great ladies pm'd me when they saw one! I eneded up calling the Neiman Marcus in Dallas....It should be here today!!!! Good luck in your search! I didn't think I would find it but I did! NOW I want the matching zip clutch...All the ones I'm finding have the gold hardware..I want the silver! I don't think it will be so fast this time finding THAT! I'm sure you'll find what you want..Don't give up!!:heart: Emmy