desperate for pink trench coat

  1. I became fixated on "needing" a pink trench coat today- I thought I saw a Burberry runway pic for s/s 08 - but I called local Burberry Store today- and zero help... (however- that particular location is inept)...anyway- it does not have to be Burberry- but it must be pink- anywhere from ballerina to bubblegum...any links or sightings would be so helpful- thanks
  2. [​IMG]

    look at the back!! -wow
  3. Here's a less expensive option by Juicy, available at Nordstrom

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  4. And a lighter one by Jones New York at Nordstrom

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  5. wow- thanks! you all are awesome- I have the Juicy and the Jones NY in my Nordies shopping bag- they are totally perfect!
  6. I was going to post that dark pink juicy one, I really like it and have been eyeing it up, but pink is just not my color, sadly.
  7. This one is very cute!!!
  8. I keep checking Burberry's website, b/c I am desperate to get a pink trench coat too. So far nothing has shown up.

    There's a cute pink one on Ralph Lauren's website, though. Since it's another couple of months until spring, I'm going to hold out and see if Burberry comes up with something.
  9. I love that Versace trench..unfortunately I'd get too little wear out of it...and it's way out of my price range
  10. I love the Versace and Jones NY ones!

  11. Looovee this one! I was about to post it.
  12. Not sure if there's a price range, but I recently saw a really cute one at an Escada outlet. Upwards of about $1,500 though.
  13. I saw the Juicy one in-store- it is really cute!