Desperate for new Neiman's Codes

  1. It is killing me...hate, hate, hate to pay huge shipping fees...nothing is working and I think I have tried them all. Anything new out there???
  2. I used WELCOME the other day.
  3. I just tried welcome and it stopped working for me after working 3 times... :confused1:

    Not sure why =[ but I just racked up $50 in shipping argh!?!
  4. Try "welcome" with a different browser (e.g. Firefox) or different computer. Or if you have a dynamic IP address, then turn off your computer, turn it on and try welcome again. I think welcome is one time use only per customer, so if you already used "welcome" on a specific browser on a specific computer with a static IP address, it won't work.
  5. If that doesn't work, then check the site since they have a lot of the same inventory. BG has free shipping with code VALENTINE on $150 purchase.
  6. VALENTINE didn't work for me in the morning for a $1000+ item and it is still not working.

    But I get zero tax with BG as there is no BG in Georgia, which could be some savings for an expensive item. For example, for a prada bag I ordered in the morning, I had to pay $60+ as tax on NM although I got free shipping. Later I checked that it could have been only $20+ shipping and zero tax if I had ordered it on BG.
  7. Thats odd, it was working last night:shrugs:

    But congrats on your new prada;)
  8. If you can't get the WELCOME to work, check out anyways. Afterward, call them and tell them you forgot to add the code to your order. I made two orders today and did that for both times, and they adjusted it for me!
  9. Wasn't the codeVALENTINE for Saks???
  10. I just called and tried to use WELCOME and they told me it was a really old code :sad:

    But I mentioned the ONEDAY code going on today and she was super nice about it and still credited me for the shipping. Phew!

    Thanks for advising me to call letsgo :yes:
  11. If WELCOME isn't working for you, just delete your cookies and temporary internet files and try again. That's what I did and it worked yesterday.
  12. ONEDAY is a good for today.

  13. Same thing happened to me, but the item I ordered never showed up on BG so what's a girl to do but pay tax up the wazoo@!