desperate for help with baggallini!

  1. hi all,
    i don't know if any of you have ever heard of this bag was founded by two flight attendants and they now design and sell "functional and good looking" handbags...they're very lightweight and hold a lot and don't KILL your shoulder, back, etc...have any of you heard of them or do any of you own one? i spend so much money on my bags and my back is suffering but i don't want to sacrfice style for comfort (how vain)...any thoughts???!?! thanks!

    is their website...
    thanks in advance!
  2. Wasn't really fond of the smaller bags, but the luggage looked kinda cool.
  3. I had a baggalini wallet on a string and it broke after about 10 months of use (bottom ripped out of the bottom where I was storing coins).

    I would say, if you are looking for lightweight, this is good and they are VERY well designed for ease of use, but I'm not sure of the quality. Qualitywise I think you are better off going with LeSportSac. However, I find their straps not overly comfortable for some reason, but then I think I have strap issues! :p
  4. carries them. They have customer reviews of some of them. Maybe seeing what some others who've bought them will help you with your decision.
  5. My mom likes them a lot
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    They sell a lot of Baggallini in a great luggage store near my house, and I have gifted a few Baggallini items to people who favor sturdy bags with lots of organizational options - and many of the color options are nice, IMO. We gave one to a friend who is very (and I mean very) hard on her handbags, and likes them with lots of pockets. She wears it everyday and months later it still looks brand new!

    That said, LeSportsac is a great alternative - I have several everyday items from that brand and have never been disappointed in the quality.

    If you want something a bit more stylish in a lightweight nylon bag, though, and don't want to go the Longchamp route (which is a fantastic way to go - I have some and love them), then I would check out Mandarina Duck. I just got a crossbody bag from that brand in Spain and it is very well made and attractive. I did some research on tPF before buying (of course, lol) and the reviews are excellent. Now that I have a bag from Mandarina Duck, I get the hype. HTH! :smile:

    PS: A great place to buy Mandarina Duck in the States in I got the "Removing Medium Cross-Body" in red, which I don't think was ever available on Endless in that style. I am definitely going to get another one of these bags sometime! If you look on their website, they also do luggage, btw. HTH! :smile: