Desperate for help with a really really bad PIMPLE :(

  1. Hey all, I have quite a problem... Every month or so before "that time" I always get a huge zit... but it's the strangestttt kind, and I've never heard of anyone else getting the same kind of pimples!! So, maybe all you experts can help me solve my problem once and for all and I won't have to dread the end of every month anymore! First and foremost, this monster zit ONLY appears on my chin, whereas the rest of my face is smooth and overall clear. About a week or so before I start PMSing, I start to notice a BUMP forming under my skin, and when I push out on that spot (ie. with my tongue in my mouth pushing outwards on my chin..if I described that correctly) I see a circular white spot.. I'm thinking that might be the pus...A few days after I notice this bump, it gradually gets larger and more painful. It's so annoying b/c it's painful even if you touch it or whisk it the slightest bit.. :cursing: And THEN... layers of skin come off of the bump, gradually.. I mean this whole process sounds/looks/feels GROSS and I need a cure!! When the last layer of skin of the bump comes off, and its almost bloody, that's when I can "pop" the pimple and the pus comes out and it somewhat flattens.. Meanwhile, it's still painful and also painful to look at.. Right now, I've developed a lump..and the skin is peeling. It's very painful and I'm trying to get it OFF ASAP because it's just so embarrassing to go to work, talk to people upclose, etc. :crybaby: ANY suggestions would be great.. I've tried everything, all diff kinds of creams, cleansers, etc. I've resorted to just waiting it out every month for the pimple to emerge out of the bump and then popping it. I'm tired of that and I need a QUICK FIX!!!! Thank you alll for any suggestions!

    P.S. sorry for the long post, I'm just kind of frantic right now, as I have an important social event at the end of the week!! (usually it takes about 2+ weeks for it to go away)
  2. I think I know what you mean, something similar but smaller usually forms on the forehead or even near the hairline and feels quite painful.
    I don't know what to suggest because as you said it's pretty deep and until it emerges to the surface then it's easy to take care of. Let's see what other members suggest.

    There is a thread somewhere around here about Honey and Acne, it got bumped up recently.
  3. I get that, too! I hate it!!! Usually, I just use the proactiv mask(feels so good) and it seems to reduce it and shorten it's time to a few days or so. I was thinking of trying that zeno thing, maybe that works?
  4. I was just thinking if adding something warm to it may make it rise to the surface faster, think I did this once, maybe a warm chamomile tea bag?

    Just a thought.
  5. Go to a dermatologist and get a shot of cortizone. It will be gone the next day.
  6. Is it always in the same spot on your chin? It could be a recurring cyst--I would recommend a trip to your dermatologist.
  7. No, they always occur on different parts of my chin!!! :tdown: But one will occur very very close to the last one. :sad:
  8. I have a friend who's tried this once.. I am weary of trying it, because since I'm prone to keloids, I don't want to take chances getting injections into my face :sad:
  9. hmmmm..this is worth a try.. how long do you keep it on the pimple for??

  10. definitely! and they could prescribe you something to use when your period is approaching for those kind of breakouts
  11. Hmmmm, my big-fat-hard as a rock zits never had the skin peeling off of them - unless I squeezed them too hard and I took the skin off myself.

    I'd also suggest going to a dermatologist...They should be able to work up a good skin care plan for you to use. Do you take the pill? That might help too!
  12. I kept it on for a bit, working at the pc and occassionally dabbing it onto the place. Keep in mind the teabag gets cold quickly so either have a heavy mug near by (boiled water) where with a spoon and small plate where you can keep warming it up, draining and re applying or use a new one everytime.

    I think the teas have properties to draw out the impurities from the skin, it pretty much worked and the next day I saw some results.


    No doubt it's very annoying, I have a similar problem when blisters keep reoccuring in my nose around that time (so painful) and always the same spot, it just kills.

    A dermatologist is a good idea, keep us posted.
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  14. Where can I purchase these??
  15. Or you might want to try Clean and Clear Spot Treatment - when you first feel/notice it, dab some on. Helps me a lot when treating those baddie zits.