Desperate for FORESTA pieces!

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  1. Hello everyone!

    I'm new to Toki and really LOVE the Foresta print. I'm desperately looking for the Zucca, Denaro, and Campaggio in the Foresta print.

    I'd like to call around and see if any Dept. Stores have anything left, but I need the SKU numbers for each of these pieces in order for them to do a search.

    Can anyone help me with SKU NUMBERS?

    Thanks a million!!:flowers:
  2. Ooops! I guess I should have asked for people to PM me with the SKU numbers?

  3. we should make a list of sku numbers... anyone care to yell their bags and sku numbers out?
  4. Zucca 9525-3686

    Denaro 9500-3686

    Campaggio 9512-3686

  5. ooo so 3686 is the print # for foresta? :biggrin: I just noticed how easy it was to determine sku numbers but I'm going to post up a thread just cuz w/ them ;) THANKS!
  6. Those aren't the UPC numbers that Department stores use. They use the 12 digit UPC # that is by the bar scan.
  7. oh yeah...oops. Those aren't the sku numbers, more like "model" numbers. I think sku/upc #s are on the actual price tag?
  8. that's the thing I'm wondering because the lesportsac site lists those as the sku numbers so I thought they might be... I personally used the UPC #s :shrugs: are those the same?
  9. Yes, those are the model numbers. But THANK YOU ladies!:heart:
  10. you're welcome!

    lesportsac should change their site because it counts those as sku numbers... pooey... I need to check my tags but yeah if anyone has any sku numbers pm me... I want to compile a list ;)
  11. well i dont really have much time to pm you all the foresta i have for the sku# but i can pm you the foresta stellina one now hahah :biggrin:
  12. YES! Please!:tender:
  13. oh i pmed tehlilone since she was compiling a list... but i just pmed you too :biggrin:
  14. Thank you much!

    I'll let you know if I have any good news!:flowers:
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