Desperate for Fendi Spy in Petrol - need help.

  1. Hello, I am new to this forum can anyone help me find a Auth. Fendi Petrol Blue spy bag. I am willing to pay a lot of money for one but I just cannot find one. I am in England and have spent hours on the net looking in America but just cannot find one. Ebay at the moment have one listed but it seems very cheap at $950 I have email the girl and she said it was a gift and does not know which store it came from so I do not know if authentic. Hope someone can help. I do not mind if its been used a couple of times as long as its in excellent condition. So does anyone know where I might get one from and one where their is proof of where it was bought from. Thank you
  2. post the link in the authenticate sticky ! at the top of the fendi forum.. =) someone will surely be able to help u there
  3. Thank you I have just phoned France no luck their its a bit like hunting for a needle in a haystack.
  4. Hi Saich2, I know how you feel because I'm in the same situation. I'm on a bag hunt for a two tone spy (Black/white, Red/white, Green/white) but I can't seem to find one. Sigh. We need the power of Pfers! =)
  5. I am so fed up, have square eyes now from being on the computer to long LOL.... I am sorry you have not found your bag you want their must be a place for unwanted spy bags. Their is one on ebay of Petrol 280024412540 and I did email the person, I just do not know if its authentic it looks like the real thing but when I asked the person selling it where it came from she said a gift. Plus its listed very cheap at $950 so its hard to say if its authentic. I asked if she accepts returns if not authentic and she got a bit annoyed and said she was not a shop. Anyway back to looking
  6. I THINK THE PETROL IS FAKE... I never owned a petrol spy before, but i think the colour looks abit off..and also, too cheap for brand new bag

    and also.. the balenciaga bag that she's selling (a white), it's fake :throwup: ... don't take the risk
  7. Thanks I have to say I did have an uneasy feeling about this bag. The colour does come up different with different cameras but I do think she is selling to cheap
  8. Hey
    I have the petrol spy and that is nothing like mine. The colour is totally different. I bought mine from Fendi in London so know mines definetly 100% authentic.

    I dont know whether its just the picture but it looks a different blue. The spy bags have been copied really well. check the handles if they look shiny and plasticy.
  9. Hi You are so lucky to have the Petrol blue and you got it from London I am in Essex. I have tried every where to try and get one.
  10. Well i had to order it. I ordered it well before Christmas and it came early January. I dont know why they dont just make more to be honest. It seemed like i waited ages for mine.
  11. Hello Saich2 and welcome to the forum.

    I don't mean to put you on the spot, but didn't you not too long ago sell an authentic petrol spy on ebay? I ask because I was thinking of bidding on your listing, but couldn't afford the price. I still have your listing in my watch list just so I can look at it and drool over the petrol from time to time, and use the pics as a benchmark of what a real petrol is supposed to look like.

    Now, yours looked like a perfectly authentic petrol spy, so why did you let it go if you are so desperate for one? And the other one listed now that you're considering is nothing like the real one you sold.

    If I have the wrong person, then I apologize, but the person who sold the authentic petrol spy on ebay also goes by saich2, and lives in the UK. So it would be the coincidence of the century if I have the wrong person.
  12. ^ I remember that listing. In either case, a PFer returned a Petrol to eLux a few days ago. Try calling them.
  13. Hi Yes I sold it and really wish I had not. So now I want another. Its one of my regrets. Had so many bags decided to sell a few but should not have sold this. Still thats the way it goes. So now I am on the look out for another one
  14. Ah the one that got away!

    Good luck with locating another.