Desperate for Cinnamon SGH Work; does it exist?

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  1. Don't know if they ever even made this color/hardware/style combination but I'd loooooooooooooove to get a Cinnamon/Mogano SGH Work. Anyone EVER see one? Any ideas where they might be hiding? TIA.
  2. :drool::drool: I haven't seen one, but I bet it would be a stunner. Bluefly has had crazy amounts of mogano up lately. I got a cinnamon day from them in early december with the best leather ever. I'll keep an eye out for you! ;)
  3. ^thank you, doll! You're right, they all have droolaceous leather :drool:. Would love that rich reddish brown against SGH....
  4. Any thought on whether I'm chasing a mirage?
  5. it does exist! i have one on hold for me if i dont find any RH by today!
  6. OMG!! If you end up not getting it, please let me know where it's on hold. And thanks for responding :yes:.
  7. i didn't get it and kinda regretting it :smash: but i think the work with GH is heavy .. anyway its not in the US and its above the retail price in the US .. let me know if you're still interested and i'll provide you with all the information .. good luck