desperate for cherry blossom key holder

  1. Hi LV fans,
    I hope I'm posting this in the right section of the forum...I don't have any LV bags (just an amazing trench coat :heart: ) but for quite some time now I've been yearning for a cherry blossom 4 or 6 key holder (sorry don't know exactly:confused1: ). At the time I saw them in the store I found them cute but thought hum I'll get over these ltd editions in no time (fatal error :Push: but I don't think I could have afforded it at the time anyway). So my questions are:
    1/ Where do I have a chance to find it (scouting ebay regularly but I only find key pouches)?
    2/ If anyone has it, could I see some pictures of it to get a good look? (like I said I only saw it once a long time ago to the point I even doubted the model existed)
    3/ how much did they retail for and how much do you think a reasonable price would be to get one now?
    4/Do the cherry blossoms fade with time and use or is that a give away that it's a fake?
    5/Hum I think I may be falling for the mirror too...found one on Ebay for about $500, is that what they usually go for?
    Thanks so much for your help everyone!:flowers:
  2. The Cherry Blossom line never came in a 4/6 key holder. That's why you don't see any on ebay. Perhaps what you saw was the Carnet De Bal (address book) or the Porte Monnaie Plat?

    $500 for the mirror is way over priced in my opinion! They retailed for no more than $200. Try waiting for a better deal.

    The print does not really fade, but with heavy use it will get rubbed/chipped off. Just be extra careful with it when using and you should be fine.
  3. oh really?! so there's just the cle (leather pouch with a chain) no leather key holder (mini wallet with hooks)?! I'm so confused now (me such a dork:noggin: )...thanks so much for the info!:flowers: so do you know what would be a "normal" price to get one?
  4. Yesterday I posted a cherry blossom key pouch in the authenticate section and Lee69 told me that the 6 key holder exists (see below)
    could someone explain? :s so sorry that i have no clue about LV
    Authenticate This Louis Vuitton ---
    Originally Posted by olfa [​IMG]
    Hi LV fans, I've been longing to get my hands on a cherry blossom key holder
    is this one real? (I'm a total newbie to LV... cheating on Balenciaga)
    eBay: Authentic Rare Louis Vuitton Cherry Blossom key pouch (item 190035349526 end time Oct-02-06 13:05:56 PDT)
    I think I would prefer something with cherry blossom but with that shape
    eBay: Auth. LOUIS VUITTON Monogram Key Holder Multicles 6 (item 130030858892 end time Oct-01-06 12:29:12 PDT)

    (sorry I guess that one is fake but it was just to illustrate my point...) were these ever made or should I just stick to the key pouch?

    1- Looks good but ask for a close up of the heatstamp and date code.:yes:
    2- You're right this is fake but the 6 key holder does exist.
  5. The 6 key holder exists in the mono canvas line, not the cherry blossom line. Only the cles exists in the CB line.

    The first auction you posted is CB, Cherry Blossom.
    The second is mono canvas (fake or not).
  6. thanks Bagsnob, everything crystal clear now!