Desperate For Black Soft & Chain Ligne Bag In Large Size

  1. Hi GIRls,
    I just joined, but I was reading the thread in the CHanel reference library and I finally found the bag I have been looking for! I knew they had the smaller size in this black bag with the awesome chain but I wanted a larger size. Does anyone know where I could find one or who I could call about one? I live in Toronto so there isn't alot of hope of my finding one here:sad: Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
  2. CALL CHANEL store in PALM BEACH GARDENS ,FLA..I use Jillian there..she found me mine(she can find ANY BAG!LOL!)Tell her Jill sent u!
  3. Thank you so much!!! Very much appreciated:smile:
  4. Or try Delyse at 248-808-0712. She's at Saks and I think I saw one there today. Tell her April referred you, please.
    Forgot! They ship internationally, I think it's $35.
  5. Did you find your bag? Nm San Antonio had one also
  6. Soooo disappointing! It's looking like in the black they are all sold out:sad: I have been looking for the perfect Chanel bag for awhile now and I can't believe it's gone now that I've found it!! THanks for all your help though ladies. Much appreciated!!
  7. maxinew, the soft and chain lg classic in black is at NM San Antonio, is this what you were looking for???