Desperate for an Expandable Flap

  1. Has anyone stumbled across an Expandable Flap in need of a new, loving home?
    I am dying for one, any color other than white.
    Has anyone seen one anywhere? Are they still in stores?
  2. Call Stephanie at NM San Antonio. She had an off white expandable flap last week. Tell her Caron(from Singapore) sent you. Happy hunting!!!
  3. NM Palo Alto has a black one in stock. Give them a call 650-3293300. I'm guessing the boutiques may have other colors in stock too. Good luck finding one!
  4. I've seen the black ones at the Chanel boutique Tysons Corner.
  5. I've seen the black expandable at NM Tampa, white and brown at Saks Chanel Tampa and a blush one at the Chanel boutique in Orlando. All since last week!
  6. I saw expandables today at Neiman Marcus in Short Hills. I saw at least one black one.
  7. saw a few at Saks in Bala,PA.Ask for Donna 1610-667-1550 ext 258(Brown...white...and I think I saw a black)
  8. :flowers:
    Thank you guys!
  9. my NM had at least 2 yesterday.
  10. Hi Jill - do you remember if the white or black one was double strapped? I know I could call them but they are closed right now and I'm sure I'll be glued to my purse forum for a next few hours :rolleyes: TIA!
  11. brown one was single strap....white..not sure......!I think they had the current single strap ones only