Desperate for a white bag that holds up!

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  1. I thought my white Prada (a few years old) was a miracle bag - never got dirty, held up beautifully untill I noticed it had picked up some blue color transfer on the side held next to my clothes - I'm just plain PO'd over this - I am anal over the care and handling of my bags. Now I am hesitant to drop a bundle on another white bag. Any suggestions for a white bag that stands the test of time?????? Thanks so much.-
  2. There is really no such thing. White is a the color for those who are able to dispose of things quickly. If you must get something in patent leather or something that could be cleaned with sponge.
  3. I love all white things, furniture, clothing, bags, etc., and I did find that Celine's white bags held up, only baby wiping was needed., they seem to be a mixture of regular soft leather with a bit of a shine which holds up., some of my Celine white bags are five years old and look awesome!!!
  4. my best friend has the white balenciaga sac and she just lets it get beat up and i think it looks great - like its used! so thats my theory about white things - let them get a little beat up, its ok. i have same attitude about my off white clergerie suede boots - hope that helps
  5. I have a white spy that has taken a lot of abuse since I got her and I'm really amazed at how good she looks. I've even used it as a carry on a couple of times and stuffed her under the seat in front of me etc. The only mark she has is a little color rubbing on the top where the seams are.
  6. icechick....LOVE your white spy!
  7. Just don't wear your white with'll get transfer everytime.
  8. Marc Jadobs Anouk in White seems to be pretty good - mine just needs a wipe down once in awhile.
  9. LV Epi, has a white coming out in a few monthes. Epi is super durable.
  10. Thanks :shame:
  11. Unless they are patent, white leather bags can be re-dyed.

  12. Dab some spot shot or hairspray on that blue spot. It should get it out.