Desperate for a VERT GAZON GGH WORK!

  1. Does anyone know where I can find a Vert Gazon GGH Work? I have this colour in the CITY RH. I love this shade of green so much that I would love to add the GGH WORK version to my collection. Please help!!!
  2. there might be one on *bay. IIRC the seller initially called it the wrong color and corrected herself within the auction text not in the title, so you wont find it if you search by the color name
  3. Thanks goldilocks10023. I have seen the DAY also and its lovely and tempting, but I have my heart set on the WORK GGH version. I appreciate your reply though. I'll just keep looking.
  4. Did you try BalNY? I just purchased a vert gazon city RH from them the other day. I remember Kim (SA) mentioning that they still had quite a bit of different styles in the vert gazon.