Desperate for a reissue - black/gold hardware - when are they coming out??!!

  1. Preferably any UK info! I really want one. I think they told me that they would be out in Spring. My local Chanel only has the black with a tarnished silver hardware, but it seems like people on this forum are still managing to get hold of gold hardware.
  2. I hope I'll have some info before Christmas!some maybe coming in January but I still don't know what colours Europe will get arghhh!
  3. you can try your luck in Paris 31 rue cambon, i heard they have almost every reissue there. i didn't visit their boutique but my friend is going to on my behalf, so if there's any intel i'll let you know!
  4. So is the reissue being released for the summer in black?

    I would be sooo happy if that happened I have not managed to let go of the thought of it since it first came out!
  5. Yes they told me it would.