Desperate for a manly man bag!!

  1. hey people, i desperately need to get some kind of bag very soon. i already have the LV Cup 07 range's Artimon bag (sorry, don't know how to put pictures on here), and the naviglio in damier canvas ebony. i love the size and shape of the artimon. it is perfect. the only problem is no-one really knows about that range too much, and its in a waterproof material, and i really want one in leather or similar. the only thing is, it has to look masculine!!:supacool:
  2. Check out the the website on the mens section there are so many stunning man bags especially in the Taiga & Utah collections
  3. bags from the SS 07 soana line are really cool and masculine!
  4. yep. definitely check out Taiga and Utah :yes:
  5. i've had hundreds of looks in the storeS and on the website. so many things to consider, i think i should comission them to make one specifically for me, tailord to my every need. rofl (i wish). i like the look of the bastille. discreet(ish). the thing is i have seen someone else with a bastille, and the elastic closure on the bottom that keeps the flap closed was snapped because it had worn out. don't know if it was fake or authentic though. Any thoughts?
  6. Mr Duck, my god, do i envy you. just been to your page and WOOOWW!! is all i can say. i see you have the victor in the taiga. how good is that? i've only seen it on the site and never in the store
  7. the Viktor was my first love. it's a great bag, very understated, sturdy and unquestionably manly. its also got the elastic closure too. both my Victor and Abbesses' elastics have frayed after years of use and the boutique replaced it for me for free. i guess that's just part of the normal wear & tear of the bag. i highly recommend it :yes:
  8. The Taiga and particularly the Utah range are pretty masculine.