Desperate For A Jaune Twiggy Or Step

  1. FELLOW TPFERS, please let me know if you have seen thiS anywhere. THANKS!
  2. I remember eBay seller hgbags had a step a while ago. This was a good while ago though. Perhaps email her and see if it's still around or she can get one.

    She's great to deal with!

  3. NM Tyson's Virginia has one Step left.:yes:
  4. IIRC AR also has a Jaune Step. Do email them to check.
  5. In line with the search for a Jaune Step, does anyone know where I could find a Jaune Real Coin Wallet? TIA!!
  6. Did you check BalNY?
  7. yup, just got back from NM Tyson's, they still have the jaune step.
  8. OMG girl i got to meet you there some time.:nuts::p
  9. ^^ I'm always on the lookout for your bags ;) I "saw" brunettetiger there once... didn't know it was her until it was in the sighting thread though! The SA's there drive me nuts though. Vultures! The one today sounded like a broken record. She kept saying "oh that's the city, a classic". Said it to every one I looked at LOL. oh well :p

    Have you looked at their black bags? do they all look kind of "gray" to you? I think I'm losing my mind!
  10. :lol:
  11. thanks guys. pink boudoir, what store is IIRC AR?
  12. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:OMG that is so true.
    I saw a Black City from 08 RH that had a nice leather but i am not sure if it is still there. There is a GSH Black PT and GSH Black City with nice leather too.:tup:They are not Grey.:nogood:
  13. ^^ oh yeah... the black gsh city almost wrapped itself around my leg and came home with me. I kept petting it telling it someday I would be back for it. LOL I was soooo disappointed with their sale table. Not really a "consolidation sale" if you ask me.
  14. it's they don't have bbags on the website but you can email them @ and they will tell you their inventory. You just have to specify what style you are looking for :tup:
  15. ladybugfreckle and/or Nanaz, how was the leather on it?