Desperate for a black pochette!!!

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  1. I have called everywhere for one..I live in London, have called Paris, N.Y, LA..

    and I am really starting to give up home, has anyone seen one anywhere?

    I want one in black...

    Any suggestions?
  2. Aloha Rag had a few in stock earlier this year, you may like to check with them.
  3. :yes:True, I was looking for it too and aloha r had it some months ago! Good luck!
  4. Thanks for your replies!!!

    I emailed them earlier and they said they sold out and do not plan on restocking for this season. :sad:
  5. Shame, sorry to hear they've sold out.

    BalNY had one a few months ago also but it sounds like they've sold it.

    I'll keep my eye open for you!
  6. Thank you... so sweet of you!:heart:

    Hopefully some place will get one in seems sort of random when they are in stock..