desperate! do u think i should buy this LV murakami bag although it's marked up?

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is it worth to buy now?

  1. yes, the bag's worth the mark up price

  2. no

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  1. i am so in love with this LV bag, not because of because it's LV or because of the hype created... but i've been a long fans of takashi murakami long before he joined LV.


    this bag costs 1040$ with tax if bought directly from the MOCA at LA, but i'm nowhere near LA, i'm from overseas and so far, no ne can help me get this bag in retails price.

    so, the question is...

    do u girls think it'll be worthed if i bought the bag from ebay with the price range of 1700-1900$ ?

    or should i wait until the hype goes down which could be i don't know, months? years?

    any kind of opinion's appreciated

    thank :smile:
  2. Absolutely not. A markup of 700-900 bucks? Unless you're rolling in dough, Im going to say NO!
  3. A $650+ markup is too rich for my blood. Maybe you could wait and watch for a month or so and see which way things go.
  4. Isn't that bag very limited edition though? Sorry, I don't know too much about LV but that's what I heard about this new ligne.

    If you truly truly want it, and have the money, go for it. You don't want to kick yourself later when you can't find it anywhere.

    For me personally though, I wouldn't spend that much on a marked up bag. For that extra money, you could get a LV bag AND a wallet, etc.
  5. Is it worth that much to you? I don't know your financial situation but that mark up seems very high. Personally, I would try and wait until the hype dies down some...but if you have the money and want it that bad, then go for it. Just be sure you can live with that decision if you do!
  6. i don't know yet if i could live with it, buying the bag with this price LOL
    but i love his work so much it kinda blinded me...

    but i think i wouldn't sell it ever if i bought it.
    i've collected almost all lined he made for LV, the cerises, panda and the multicolore items (although i do't buy them all)
    so far i oly have 1 of the cerises (speedy 25), 2 items of the panda (agenda and billfold wallet, i don't buy the panda bags because they only come in the bucket/vavin style that i don't like) and small MC accessories (i also don't buy the bags because i don't really like the style they come in)

    but the neverfull, i like this style, this bag style suit me and i can definetly see myself using this bag and not just as a collection.

    i could afford the coin purse or the agenda with the marked up price easily but i don't really use a coin purse and i don't really into the mushroom agenda illustration.

    with the tote though, well i can still afford it, but i think i have to sell one of my bag's collection to pay for it and still have a secure financial condition.
  7. I think it's way too much!
  8. i found one on ebay the MM retail 960 without tax? so it's about 1056
    it's 1300 on ebay...

    i think i'll go for it... it's about 250 mark up but i thik it's still reasonable considering the way going there, lining etc?

    what do u think?
  9. Only you and your financial situation can decide that. I'm sure that those bags are going to pop up here and there in the future. But unless they get re-released at some future (as yet unnamed exhibit or in stores) they're going to be extremely limited. If it is making your heart pound and you can't get to LA or get anyone you know in LA to get you one then I would go for it. I think the price is only going to go up.
  10. I think the mark up is too high. I think the prices will go down and they'll go down faster if people don't pay these prices. I'm watching also but I think a $200 profit is plenty.
  11. That markup is rediculously high. Sorry, maybe I don't love this bag as much as you do. But $700 markup is not moral.
  12. If you love it and can afford it, go for it.
  13. My answer: NO WAY!
  14. i don't think 250 is that high of markup (600+ definitely is though!). however, i would just be careful purchasing designer bag from ebay. just make sure they have a refund policy if the bag turns out not to be authentic. i've been burned in the past!
  15. yeah, i know, i've been burned once too on ebay :P
    that's why i also wat to pay through paypal except if i bought from a well known ebayer or from PFers ;)