desperat looking for black reissue with GHW in 226 or 227

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  1. hi everyone, just want to know if anyone has spot for a black reissue with GHW in 226 or 227. I realy want to get it as soon as possible.

    thank you everyone:P
  2. what about pre-ordering at Hirshleifer's? stocks aren't arriving soon, but at least if you deal w/ Hirsh, you're sure to have 1 w/ your name on it! no waitlist!

    anyway, i did... email she's super helpful and patient :smile:
  3. saw one on ebay at $2995.
  4. Waiting for mine from Hirsh too :biggrin:
  5. I want it right way. if no where has it i guess I have to do that.

    thank you
  6. That is woman's common law.... I want it right away :P
  7. You're right on that. At first I thought I could wait, but it's only been a week and I feel like I ordered it ages ago. Arrive already! :pout:
  8. haha. :graucho: that's true. we just cant wait!!
  9. I saw the one on eBay too! How is it possible that she's selling it for so low? No questions about authenticity are there?
  10. Hee! I have one on order from Hirsh too. I almost waited too long. I got the last one available pre-increase. :sweatdrop:
  11. heehee... i don't mind! i went over my limit last christmas. waiting time can help the cc's get back into shape :P... plus, its a dh-undeclared purchase! need all the time i have before the arrival to break it to him gently :sweatdrop:
  12. congrats lally! what a steal for a 227! i would have to for the 226. but got screwed up w/ cc verification process... :pout:
  13. Oh that's too bad! But at least you're gonna get it! I think it's a must have in any Chanel collection. :smile:
    I was waiting figuring it's permanent line, ya know? But then these baby's turned out to be super scarce. I was lucky I stopped in to talk to Penney when I did.
  14. ^^Are they on order at Hirsh? Maybe I should contact Penney. I don't have one w/gold hardware, but have been wanting one. Hate paying the crazy price though :sad:
  15. Been waiting for mine since December from Nordstrom. I'm hoping they are delivered soon! I know their Silver came a week or so ago, now just keeping my fingers crossed for the gold to come soon (227 for me.) Call Nordstrom Mall of America.