Desparately seeking ink city!

  1. Hi all,
    Still on my search. I have called several retailers but with no luck. If anyone sees one around in your travels, please let me know. There is one on e-bay but if I buy for retail, I'd much rather purchase from a store with return policy...
  2. oh gosh, I saw a lot of ink city bags at milan station..selling below retail;)
  3. where is milan station? I want to call them right now. You're the best!!
  4. it's in HK, i dont know if they ship abroad...maybe you can ask the help of other PF members who lives in HK to pick it up or buy it for you, I saw some in Causeway Bay and in Central.:amuse:
  5. All the colors are running together in my head so I can't remember if they had the City in Ink but trying calling Neiman Marcus in San Diego.
  6. Thanks much. Unfortunately, just called and all they have left is an ink box classic if anyone is looking!