Desparately seeking an answer

  1. Hi,
    If anyone has the time - could you look at this clip from a British comedy series and tell me what kind of bag the blonde actress is carrying? I saw someone carrying a similar bag in striped canvas once, but I have no idea what brand it is. I absolutely love the bag - it's so casual and roomy.
    Anyway, there's a pretty good shot of it almost halfway through the clip.
    Thank you for taking the time!

  2. Hi and welcome to the forum! I saw the clip and can understand why you like the bag. It's gorgeous! I have no idea about the brand, but hope someone will tell us.
  3. this is the clearer stills i can grab from the scene where the bag is rally shown.
    i have no idea though :crybaby:
    i hope some PFers can help you :smile:

    Picture 1.jpg
  4. I am no expert...but maybe Botkier or Kooba?
  5. No idea, but I sure would like to know! From what I can see, it's a beauty!
  6. could it be Marc Jacobs? It is a nice-looking bag!
  7. It looks like a familiar style, but I can't place it. Sorry. Good luck, hopefully someone will be able to help!
  8. ^ I'm not entirely sure that it's MbyMJ. I think this is what you are thinking of:


    But, the bag in the post doesn't look like it has that studding. Very similar though.
  9. Lovely bag and great clip- I love that series! anyway I'd also like to know what make the bag is.
  10. Thanks to everyone that replied! I hope we find out too.

    And thanks for the screen grab, seahorseinstripes.

    My friend are amazed that I took my eyes off Richard Armitage (the actor in the clip) to look at a bag! I'm glad to know that folks here understand :smile:

  11. Can it be the MJ Faridah?
  12. Halzer, well done! The bag looks gorgeous.
  13. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    The bag is as wonderful as I thought it would be!