Desparately need some info re : chanel luxe flap bag

  1. :idea: hi everyone
    i'm new here! i thought i'd ask you girls because you seem to be such an ocean of knowledge when it comes to chanel :heart: i was wanting to get a chanel luxe flap bag and i've trawled all the threads i can find and so far from what i gather this bag only came in goatskin and deerskin? did it ever come in calfskin? also what are your opinions of the normal black opposed to the metallic black. is the normal smooth black very boring? :sad: i'd love a metallic black but don't think i can get my hands on one!

    any help would be greatly appreciated! thanks
  2. also there's a bag i'd like to purchase online but need some help re: authentication, i'm not too familiar with the luxury line, since the authenticate this section is closed until further notice is it against the rules for me to post some pics in this thread so you guys can have a look? :confused1:
  3. I'm fairly new to Chanel so can't help with authentification. What I can tell you is that you could probably find this bag at Saks since they ordered the metallic goatskin and deerskin in the luxury line. Any Saks store can do a charge-send so call around (numbers are on the Saks website) until you find one.

    I own the metallic black flap and personally find it to be the nicest leather for the style. The deerskin is nice, but I think it fits the Bowler style better. It is very texture with a sheen but not as much of a sheen as the goatskin. Stay away from the calfskin - it is very smooth and again, looks better on the Bowler.
  4. I totally prefer the metallic over the regular black, you're right, these are HTF.
    We have our own authentication thread in here, actually in the Chanel Shopping Sub-Forum, feel free to post pics in there. They'll be removed or the thread will be closed if not posted in the Authenticate This! sticky provided.
  5. I saw BOTH black metallic and the fall black @ Saks beverly hills yesterday -give them a call a.s.a.p. (I believe it might be their last few)... but be VERY specific!! They are not the most knowledgeable!! (and hopefully you will get an SA who was much more helpful than the lady i encountered!!) Good luck!
  6. there isnt a calfskin luxe because luxe came out...Spring/Summer 06 (goat) I think and the newer ones for Fall/Winter 06/07 were (deer)
  7. ^and the calfskin is very smooth and matte!! i dont like it very much, but whatever floats your boat... good points, Yorelica (i'm not that thorough, haha)
  8. Is the "authenticate this" section closed?
  9. The seperate Authenticate This! Forum is closed by Vlad until further notice.
  10. I prefer the black metallic goatskin bags from Spring 2006.:yes: