Desparately Looking for chloe clutch on sale

  1. Hey

    I'm incredibly upset. I saw a silver chloe clutch on sale (60% off) this am and put it in my cart and when i checked out it told me it was no longer available.

    I was totally set on adding it as my first chloe item and i've just been really upset about this the whole day =( BOOOO HOOOOO:crybaby:

    Would you PM me if you have seen Chloe clutches on sale online or in stores??

  2. oh sorry to hear that bubble, you might have had a lucky escape tho lol.

    Its too small to use, really it is, it is much more a large purse than a bag!!! :biggrin:
  3. Did you try NAP. They had one yesterday.
  4. Keep checking NAP. I know a lot of us returned one and they will just keep popping up I'm sure.
  5. Thanks for the comforting posts guys!

    Yes more of you please return the clutch!! :p
  6. ^^ :roflmfao: lol, bubbleliciousis ...I'll keep my eye out for you. Was it the steel clutch from NAP? Same thing happened to me this morning. And the rest of you, return my metallic bleu nuit Paddy right now!:biguns:
  7. Yup it was the silver one!

    I just love it... i hit the refresh button every minute for the whole day hoping it'd reappear... it's illogical but comforting....:p

    Hopefully 2 will come back instock and we can both get one!!

    in the meanwhile, still mourning the lost clutch.... :crybaby:
  8. Bubble where are you?

    I seem to get lucky with NAP as I check at hours when no one seems to be in. I only seem to get lucky on the uk site though. Will keep eye out for you
  9. The International NAP site has the blue metallic clutch on sale now.
  10. I have a black one I bought on sale if you are interested. Never used it and paid £180

  11. ^^ Sloane - its against the rules to sell anything on here.
  12. oops sorry
  13. ^ it's from too! You should consider this one! It's the same as the one some of us got from the sale... a bit more that that sale price, but much less than retail price...
  14. Hey Thanks ladies!!

    i'm in the US and having no luck with the US NAP site...

    I did see the one on eBay and am mulling over it.... it's only about $80 more than what i would have paid on NAP but i'm kicking myself for not checking out fast enough!!! GRRR

    Will keep you ladies updated!