despair over the 2005 2.55

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  1. hello everyone.


    I admit: I am completely obsessed by the 2005 2.55 reissue.

    I called and called, and waited and waited on the waitlists at the Chanel boutique in Toronto last year, but alas, I was never able to secure one of these truly unique bags for myself, in any size or colour.


    I would still love to have one. Any ideas on how I could get one, other than resorting to the anxiety-inducing Ebay?

    ***there's NO buying/selling here!

    I'm sure you can all understand the fear of being left with a fake bag, especially after paying such a high price for it.

    If you have any thoughts, please reply. =)

  2. no buying and selling on this forum....
    however, i read in here somewhere that bloomingdales in MA still has one (perhaps... you can call and check).
  3. I think for the most part they are completely sold out in the US and eBay is your only option.
  4. I know Australia is getting some in within the next few weeks. In the bronze and silver. Maybe try there?
  5. Don't'll find one in time...good luck with your search! Can't wait to see pics when you finally find your dream bag!!!!!!
  6. Contact nm fashion island
    I was there last weekend and I'm almost certain I spotted the black w/ gold hw reissue - i think it was a 227.
    I have the 226 already so I didn't look too closely at it but just remember being surprised that they had that reissue in the store.
    good luck and hope you get one - it's a great bag!
  7. I found a 2.55 on ebay so there are auth ones out there...just make sure you post in the authenticity thread to make sure. Best of luck finding one!
  8. Neimans Palo Alto (California) had a white 227 reissue last week. Give 'em a call: 650-329-3300. Goodluck!
  9. gosh, thank you everyone for your help. I'm so grateful!

    I'm sorry I suggested buying a bag from someone on the forum - I didn't know that it wasn't allowed.

    this is actually my second post ever. I should have asked what the rules were.

    I'm sorry if I offended anyone!

  10. if they still have it, that would be perfect - my aunt lives in palo alto!

    *crosses fingers*

    thank you so much for letting me know!

  11. You're welcome! I'm crossing my fingers (and toes) for you! Let us know the outcome of your search. Goodluck!
  12. i remember seeing the white one at neiman's palo alto. its divine!!
  13. I think there is a white one (and possibly a black least there was a little bit ago) at the Neiman Marcus in King of Prussia, PA. Ask for Florence...she is SUPER SWEET!