despair over the 2005 2.55

hello everyone.


I admit: I am completely obsessed by the 2005 2.55 reissue.

I called and called, and waited and waited on the waitlists at the Chanel boutique in Toronto last year, but alas, I was never able to secure one of these truly unique bags for myself, in any size or colour.


I would still love to have one. Any ideas on how I could get one, other than resorting to the anxiety-inducing Ebay?

***there's NO buying/selling here!

I'm sure you can all understand the fear of being left with a fake bag, especially after paying such a high price for it.

If you have any thoughts, please reply. =)

Contact nm fashion island
I was there last weekend and I'm almost certain I spotted the black w/ gold hw reissue - i think it was a 227.
I have the 226 already so I didn't look too closely at it but just remember being surprised that they had that reissue in the store.
good luck and hope you get one - it's a great bag!
gosh, thank you everyone for your help. I'm so grateful!

I'm sorry I suggested buying a bag from someone on the forum - I didn't know that it wasn't allowed.

this is actually my second post ever. I should have asked what the rules were.

I'm sorry if I offended anyone!