1. My sister in Italy and she told me that she will buy me Desmo handbag i know nothing about this brand, Any suggestions? Is the leather good? Any pics for it? :shrugs:
  2. DESMO is excellent. Neiman Marcus and Saks used to sell their bags and I bought one for $710 a year ago - it is still absolutely perfect. Especially the quality is superb.I am sure you will love your new bag! Congrats!:flowers:
  3. Thank you..MarieG.:yahoo:
  4. I like their bags too. I use to have a few before I started getting into the higher end bags. Great style and quality for the money.
  5. excellent quality.......i have one the leather has the same feeling as BV.
    very soft and light.

    congrats :yes:
  6. Those used to be popular here in Chicago, but I never see them anymore. I thought they were very nice.