Desmo bags anyone?

  1. About a year ago I bought a Desmo snakeskin bag in TK Maxx it was £150 in there which was a lot for that shop, I had never heard of the brand I just really liked the bag, I saw another pfer has a bag this make in their collection and was wondering is it American or quite well known in America? There is nothing on the internet about it! How ex:smile: pensive are these bags? Thanks!
  2. Generally, Desmo bags are made in Italy. They're along the same price bracket as Furla, just not as popular. The workmanship's pretty good.
  3. I have one in my collection, Rosieroseanna:smile: Their page online is . They have really pretty bags w/excellent quality IMO. I think their outlet has free international shiping,too, so it's definitely worth checking it out!:yes:
  4. I have seen a couple of Desmo bags at our local Marshall's. I've picked one up to look at it and thought that it was very nice and of very good quality in workmanship, but I have never seen them sold anywhere here in all my travels, only at Marshall's. However, at our same Marshal's I have seen a fre Cromia bags, and I know they come from Italy, and I also have never seen them sold anywhere else around here. So, TJ Maxx and Marshall's do get some very nice bags in that are hard to find.
  5. Loehmans carry them too at times - got one with a leather sooo buttery soft, really good quality.
  6. I've been tempted a time or two when I have seen them at TJMaxx. But not knowing anything about the brand I was hesitant to follow through. Nice to know that they are nice quality bags.
  7. Thanks guys!
  8. Desmo is an excellent, under the radar, Italian brand. They are known for their super soft leather. I discovered Desmo years ago in a wonderful handbag shop, Flair, in Englewood, NJ that has since closed. Flair's owner flew to Italy a few times a year and came back with super stylish, "affordable" (Desmo isn't cheap) bags. The store didn't carry the famous brands like Fendi, Ferragamo, etc., but rather, carried these excellent Italian brands, like Desmo. I strongly recommend that if you have good taste and can recognize style on your own without a well known label (although Desmo is well known in Italy), that you investigate Desmo.
  9. you know if she ever carried Cromia? Just curious......that brand should be under the radar, too.
  10. Tell us about Cromia. Never heard of it and am always interested in "under the radar" and "stealth wealth" !!!
  11. This line, just like Desmo, is really beautiful, but you don't see very many of them around. Don't know where to look to find them. This Cromia was purchased for me by a girlfriend who went to Florence and she came back with this bag for me. I love it, but it is kind of over the top. I checked the Cromia website, and their website is very interesting, and I liked every single one of their bags.
  12. i have not seen those thaqt i know of
  13. I actually have an olive green satchel style Desmo bag that I picked up at Filene's last year on the clearance rack. I got it for $60 with an original price of around $400--quite the steal! I think people around here just have never heard of Desmo so it never got bought. Anyway, it is quite pretty and the quality seems good.
  14. Saw several of these bags at the Perimeter Loehmanns today! (Atlanta)